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Rottweiler pictures

The Vom Thrudvangar kennel is pleased to present you its collection of pictures. This includes Rottweilers competing in Beauty and Utility categories at major international shows. These rottweiler display exceptional breeding qualities.

Dogs are ordered by name in alphabetical order. You can find additional information about them, including the name of their parents, their birth date and their identification data. So, if you are interested in a particular dog you can easily cross reference with details in official books.

You can navigate through the names on the right handside of the page and select which dog you wish to view. You will then find information and pictures related to the particular rottweiler selected. Larger versions of these pictures can be retrieved by clicking on them.
All the rottweiler pictures published on this page are owned by the Vom Thrudvangar kennel and their usage terms are defined in the copyright